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Sixties Essays (1240 words) - Counterculture Of The 1960s, Hippie

Sixties Numerous social changes that were addresses during the 1960s are as yet the issues being faced today. The ?60s was a time of social and political change. Inspite of all the disturbance, there were some positive outcomes: the social liberties upheaval, John F. Kennedy's intense vision of another boondocks, and the amazing advances in space, achieved progress and thriving. Notwithstanding, there was alot of negative impacts: understudy and against war fight developments, political deaths, and ghetto riots energized American individuals also, brought about absence of regard for power and the law. The decade started under the shadow of the virus war with the Soviet Union, which was irritated by the U-2 occurrence, the Berlin Wall, and the Cuban rocket emergency. alongside the space race with the USSR. The decade finished under the shadow of the Vietnam war, which profoundly partitioned Americans and their partners and harmed the nation's fearlessness and feeling of direction. Regardless of whether you weren't alive during the ?60s, you realize what they implied when they stated, tune in, turn on, drop out. you know why the country observes Martin Luther King Jr.' birthday. The entirety of the social issues are reflected in the present society: the social equality development, the understudy development, the sexual upset, the earth, and progressively questionable of all, Hippies. The sixties is likewise known for its quick birth rate. About 76 million youngsters were destined to this age, and for that they are known as the Gen X-ers. Suprisingly, despite the fact that such huge numbers of youngsters were being conceived, relatively few guardians realized how to raise them. The guardians of the 50s and 60s were so worried about their general surroundings that going to work was the main picture kids had of their dads. Children didn't comprehend why they worked to such an extent just to acquire material belongings. Offspring of this age grew up learning pretty much how to be free and glad. More often than not, when thinking back to the sixties, individuals found out about things, for example, sex, drugs, furthermore, prejudice. Be that as it may, what the regularly will in general ignore is the huge accentuation opportunities had on the period. This doesn't simply allude to the opportunities as of now controlled by each American of the time. This spotlights on the young's battle to gain opportunity or split away from the qualities and thoughts deserted by the more established age. These battles were utilized to help push for opportunities from territories, for example, society's principles and qualities, rivalry, living for others first, and the more established age's convictions all in all. Counting the opportunity to utilize drugs. The more youthful age simply needed an opportunity to communicate their own perspectives instead of having to continually surrender to the perspectives on the more established age. So as to locate these one of a kind and various characteristics in one another and themselves, the more youthful age went to drugs. This was another opportunity which they were required to battle for since the more seasoned age didn't bolster sedate use as a wellspring of joy and inventiveness. This could fundamentally be viewed as an out right dismissal of the more seasoned society's qualities. Medications were additionally observed as a opportunity from the real world. At that point empower the young people to run away to an alternate sort of world. On account of the young people's incredible want to accomplish a general feeling of harmony and amicability, drugs were here and there a significant piece of one's life. Once in a while, they would design a day or night around the utilization of a significant medication so they could appreciate it to the furthest reaches. This could nearly be thought of amusing as in while attempting to increase one opportunity, the capacity to utilize drugs, the adolescents seemed to have lost another opportunity, the capacity to live their own lives. It appears to be more as though their lives were constrained by the medications also, the medications' belongings than by the individuals themselves. The mix of the resistance, unrest, and medications made a significant flower child period. A great many flower children would rush to the gathering capitals of the world for the high of an actual existence time. Haight Ashberry, San Francisco, was once viewed as nonconformist key for the world. Here individuals would simply fix the avenues with sedate use, sex, and wild music. In 1967, came the Mid year of Love. This period was much the same as the past demonstrations of nonconformists, simply progressively exceptional. Furthermore, to finish off the flower child period, one of the biggest shows on the planet occurred in Woodstock, New York. During a few days of music, sex, and medications were mishandled intensely, nearly direct of

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The reasons of global warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The reasons of an unnatural weather change - Essay Example Is there an unnatural weather change Yes, there is worldwide, however not every person concurs on the way that is occurring, how to manage it, or what the final products will be.1 In this paper we will examine a dangerous atmospheric devation The United Nations Climate Change Conference is to be held for the current week in Copenhagen. There will be 192 countries there. It will be a huge gathering and the essential point is to slow a dangerous atmospheric devation. In 1997 this equivalent group sorted out the Kyoto Protocol which required a 5.2% change in carbon dioxide discharges from the 1990 levels. The United States would not confirm it, however they currently state they are happy to decrease carbon emanations in the United States by half. The bargain lapses in 2012. When ask what they wanted to achieve this time, the United Nations' de Boer says that it needs to incorporate, ozone harming substance emanation objectives for industrialized countries, discharge free vitality objectives for creating countries, guarantees of cash and apparatus from industrialized countries to meet objectives, and concession to how to meet those objectives. In the event that an unnatural weather change is so significant, at that point for what reason did the last bargain not get signed2 The Recognizing Signatures of Natural Climate Variability in Time Series of Global-Mean Surface Temperature:Methodology and Insights study is a worldwide investigation done by a group of researchers from Colorado State University, Washington State University, East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom, and Exeter, United Kingdom. They utilized a few models during their investigation since there has been such discussion over the various models demonstrating various things. The entirety of the models were tried by each gathering and when the conclusive outcomes returned, clearly the predications of an unnatural weather change were right. Those model investigations will be introduced at the International Conference.3 The three model examinations utilized were CTI, TENSO, and Tdyn. Every one of the three investigations demonstrated a ceaseless increment in the general temperature after some time. That didn't imply that there was not some chilling done. Actually there were numerous plunges howe ver after each plunge, the temperature expanded to another high normal. Again the high normal has been expanding all the more quickly in the course of the last 10-20 years. Innovation would need to decrease. This would mean a huge stain on a previously stressed world economy. Carbon dioxide outflows would need to be diminished by processing plants, vehicles, food producers and numerous others. This doesn't engage the United States congress or others. The expense in dollars is high. One of the dubious issues is that the more extravagant nations would need to pay for the less fortunate nations to get the assistance they required; obviously a dangerous atmospheric devation didn't happen as a result of the less fortunate nations but since of the acts of the industrialized nations. At that point there is the contention. Is an unnatural weather change truly occurring or is it publicity that is made by the researcher to get us to tidy up our act4 As of late, there was an exposure about messages that were taken from England's University of East Anglia. Those messages included atmosphere analysts reviling pundits and attempting to clarify if an unnatural weather change is genuine, why late years' temperatures didn't surpass 1998 and 2005 levels, the hottest on record.(Vergano, 2009, pg 2). This sort of thing is what is debilitating

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Essay on Reality Shows Should Not Be Banned

Unscripted tv has gotten well known over the previous decade with shows, for example, â€Å"Survivor†, â€Å"Big Brother† and â€Å"The Apprentice† pulling in huge crowds and raking in tons of cash for supporters around the world. A meaning of unscripted tv is very troublesome yet at its most essential it implies programs that show things truly occurring, as opposed to dramatization or parody that follows a content. Normally unscripted television includes a gathering of individuals who are not prepared entertainers being recorded in irregular circumstances over a time of time.Sport and news programs are not viewed as unscripted television. Narratives that investigate parts of society are a hazy area, with some closer to news detailing and others obscuring into unscripted television since they set up circumstances which didn't as of now exist. As of late big name variants of unscripted TV dramas have made definition considerably harder, in light of the fact that t hey show the private existences of expert vocalists, on-screen characters, sportspeople, and so on as they adapt to new situations.Reality TV is frequently an interesting issue as defenders trust it paints a ridiculous and unseemly picture and is accordingly awful for our general public and the kids that make up most of the crowd. They require a cut in the quantity of hours offered over to reality programs, or even to boycott them totally. Adversaries in the interim keep up that individuals ought to be permitted to watch what they like, and that reality programs make great TV, as appeared by reliably high watcher figures.Reality TV is deceptive †it professes to show â€Å"reality† however it really misshapes reality to suit the program creators. The shows are not so much â€Å"real† †they are deliberately cast to get a blend of â€Å"characters† who are not in the slightest degree run of the mill. For the most part they show a lot of youthful, attracti ve self-marketing specialists, who will effectively jump on TV. Generally the program producers attempt to guarantee energy by picking individuals who are probably going to conflict with each other.They at that point place them in unnatural circumstances, for example, the Big Brother house or the Survivor island, and give them bizarre difficulties so as to incite them into carrying on strangely. In The Bachelor, where a gathering of ladies vie for the expressions of love of a qualified male, the ‘intimate dates’ they go on are recorded before any number of camera; that isn't reality (Poniewozik, 2003).Finally the creators film their casualties for many hours from all edges, yet just show the most sensational parts. Specific altering might be utilized to make â€Å"storylines† thus further control reality of what occurred.

Diva Momma Gives A Fierce Performance Free Essays

Beyondg’s vocal capacity and potential, she refuted them to do as such, when she performed at the Super bowl half-time appear with around 12 minutes of goods shaking, body crushing, hair-hurling and GIRL POWER! They were unquestionably off-base to say as much, as not a solitary yawn was let out. Nobody peeped out a word during it as everybody was totally hypnotized by Honey Bee’s cabinetmaking execution. Everybody at the edge of their seats thinking about what tune she will sing straightaway. We will compose a custom exposition test on Diva Momma Gives A Fierce Performance or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now Furthermore, each and every time, she didn’t baffle her fans, not the slightest bit. Actually, she got them much increasingly energized, made them shout and yelling her verses back at her all through the entire execution. The Stage setting and embellishments interweaved in class and wonder. It was very efficient and obviously was thoroughly considered for a considerable length of time, even months! The lighting was so powerful, while adding flavor to Beyondg’s execution and still figured out how to maintain the attention on her! My preferred embellishment however was the point at which a guitarist (who shook everyone’s socks off incidentally) appeared suddenly and had flashes coming out of it, while Beyond was directly close to it wowing off the huge assortment of pitches she can belt out. Was enraptured. Her outfit was exceptionally intense and out of this universe. She wore a trimmed dark calfskin cruiser coat and a cowhide bodysuit made with segments of python and iguana, with some ribbon. It resembled a woman’s current warrior outfit. It’s effectively furious enough all things considered, yet to place Bye in it? The furious meter is going to detonate! Bumble bee looked rather crushing and wore it as though to remind everybody in the crowd that she is one provocative, hot lady, since, we didn’t realize that as of now. Her melody decisions were shrewd as they were all notable which permitted the crowd to sing/shout along. It included ‘Crazy in Love’ ‘End of Time’ and 3 melodies which she sang with her ex-bunch individuals Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. They actually came shooting up out of the underground, and overwhelmed everybody when they performed ‘Single Ladies’. Best amazement in Super-Bowl Half-Time Show history. The movement was perfect and they demonstrated that ‘Diva’ is actually a ‘female adaptation of a hustler’ if you catch my drift! Albeit Kelly and Michelle ere in front of an audience with Beyond, Beyond was still everyone’s center. Nobody can ever take her spotlight! Singing Halo as her last tune was an epic end. She figured out how to belt the notes easily, substantiating herself by and by, to be the Queen of RAN. The show was the hottest Super Bowl Half Time appear since 2004 when Janet Jackson had a ‘Wardrobe malfunction†. Wow! From start to finish, the vocalist didn’t let parenthood impede conveying a vivacious presentation that slaughtered! Furthermore, in particular, she had now hushed her skeptics. Step by step instructions to refer to Diva Momma Gives A Fierce Performance, Papers

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Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Examine about the Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation. Answer: Presentation This examination offers the data about crime scene investigation instruments of cell phone. The acquirement, the assessment, the conservation and the announcing, and assessment of cell gadget advanced proof. This information is identified with implementation of law and other sort of arraignment. This contextual analysis for the most part focuses on the highlights of cell phones which incorporates cell phones, cell phones and tablet and so on. This examination center to address the normal field which is explored by security worker of association and law indictment agents including electronic computerized data dwelling on mobile phone and associated electronic media. This will drew in to achieve accessible guidance and ask strongly to issue applicable to phones with regarded investigation and assessment. Strategies and procedure exist in this examination are the mix of best framework alongside the control where reference got from accessible measurable principle. Its fundamental capacit y is to instruct supervisor regarding the distinctive information related with potential approaches to get to it from parts of criminological. Examination style are practice the assessment gathering can utilize, which need no scientific apparatuses of equipment and programming. The normal transcendent practice are as per the following: Guarantee with portable administrator if a versatile is made sure about with validation instrument, for example, PIN, secret phrase, or other verification strategies including confirmation of data, the administrator might be ask about this information during an examination procedure. Investigation caught material Secret phrase might be uncovered by written in a slip and put close to the versatile, at a work area framework need to synchronize mind cell gadget or with the administrator and it will discovered by means of visual assessment (Hoog, 2011). Encased with substance of UICC and a cell gadget is connected as PUK (PIN opening Key) which assists with reseting PIN. The vulnerabilities exist in gadget may misused like smirch assaults. This sort of assaults remembers cautious research of the outer stage for contact screen telephones to distinguish the utilization of flow motion lock. On the off chance that a GSM mobile phones is made sure about with UICC PIN, analyzer along these lines the ICCID will secure from it and need to ask the PUK from the administration launcher and reset the secret phrase. A portion of the specialist co-op elevates ability to extricate the PUK by getting to the measure of PDAs where the specific endorser information to all inclusive sites work for this sort of rule. In future, the information procured by moving toward gadget maker. PDA clients do incline toward poor pin to ensure their gadget as 1-1-1-1, 0-0-0-0 or 1-2-3-4. This configuration isn't completely recommended attempt to open a gadget applying those mixes for different danger determinant. This may prompts consistent loss of versatile memory, license propelled security methods for instance PUK or PIN and starting ruinous activity. Before applying the endeavors to opening a phones, it is recommended to think about the hour of endeavors left finished. Example must be viewed as w here an analyzer may want to face this challenge. This is the main answer for data extraction. In nature, Digital proof is exceptionally sensitive and it might be changed, broken, or devastated by wrong administration or investigation. Assessment is best administration of an impersonation of the first proof. The first proof must be seized by a way which secure and safeguards the proof uprightness. The primary point of the assessment or examination process is to refine and look at advanced proof. The extraction characterizes to the recovery of data from its media. Investigation characterizes to the view of gathered information and putting away it into an intelligent and needful arrangement. Arrangement and assessment must be archived all through the procedure of legal proof administration. This will end with the improvement of a composed articulation of the proposal. The key standard of portable legal apply while deciding advanced proof. Different sort of media need different assessment model. Singular preparing an investigation of computerized proof must be drilled for this degree (Peterson Shenoi, 2012). When executing proof examination, think about the accompanying stage: Create dynamic registries on free media to which proof report and data can be found and refined. There is a two-different sort of extraction, for example, physical extraction and coherent extraction. The physical extraction level finds and reestablish the data over the physical drive without worry of document framework. The consistent extraction level finds and reestablishes assets and data which is rely upon the introduced OS (working framework), applications and record framework. During the degree of physical extraction, the asset from the drive shows up at the physical stage indifferent of document framework exist on the drive. This may think about after methods: looking through watchword, report cutting and refinement of the segment table and new space on physical drive. Watchword search execution in the physical drive is needful to allow the inspector to refine the data which doesn't accepted for by the record framework or OS. Record cutting usefulness of physical drive may assist with recouping and removing needful document and asset which doesn't accepted for by the record framework or OS. Dissecting the structure of segment can find the record framework exist and look at if the entire physical size of hard plate is considered for. During the degree of coherent extraction from drive is relies upon the document framework exist on the drive and it conjures assets from such fields as working record, erased information, slack record and unallocated memory documents. Stage may incorporate the followings. Document framework information extraction is to reveal the component, for example, structure of catalog, asset characteristics, name of the record, date and time of the record, area and size of the document. Information disposal is the way toward finding and disregarding record through the relationship of evaluated hash esteems to confirmed qualities. Rebuilding of erased records Detachment of encoded, secret word made sure about and packed asset document the board. Partition of document slack Partition of unallocated memory. Examination of extricated information Examination is the grouping of read the refined data to analyze the significance for the case. The model investigation is performed by time span, application and document, information covering up and proprietorship ownership. Examination may require an assessment of the gadget demand, looking and finding lawful expert for computerized proof, explore scientific leads. Time span investigation is exceptionally needful for looking at the occasions put on a framework. Two kind if strategies can be used are Checking the information and time stamps exist in the metadata of record framework for instance last adjusted, current got to or made to interface the document of enthusiasm for the time allotments identified with the review. Checking the exist PC framework and application logs. These comprise with disappointment logs, establishment logs, security logs, association logs, and so forth. Information concealing investigation Information will be secured with a framework. The assessment of information stowing away is needful in finding and recouping information and show data, aim. Methods included: Consolidating the asset headers to the individual expansion of the document to find confounds Accomplishing the association with all secret phrase made sure about, encoded document and compacted compress record to show the endeavor to cover the asset structure unapproved clients. Steganography Accomplishing access to HPA (have secured zone). The presence of client found data with HPA may uncover attempt to cover information. Application and document investigation Gigantic record and projects found which comprise information identified with the assessment and offer mindfulness about the framework capacity and the client data (Tahiri, 2016). Result of the investigation uncover advance advances that require to be considered in the partition and assessment forms. Some model is thought of: Checking the name of the document for examples and relevance. Dissecting the substance of the document Finding the number and sort of OS Relating the assets to the as of now introduced application. Study connection between the assets or records for instance contrasting history in the web with reserve document and mail record for email connections. Finding obscure assets types to assess their benefit to the assessment. Dissecting the default stockpiling area of the clients for application and structure of the document drive to examinations if the asset has been gathered in their other option or default area. Dissecting client design settings of utilization. Knowledge of Digital Forensic There is a phrasing coordinated to place a clarification of advanced insight which incorporates information having the law indictment and different branches of examination and this will consolidate by means of measurable assessment and activity of computerized stockpiling. Insight of Digital measurable will worn from the exercises of knowledge and through the ordinary assessment where the knowledge reestablish in databases. In any case, increasingly number of models related with knowledge database alongside this sort of criminological area for the object of UK NDNAD (National DNA Database), IDENT1 which is known as National Fingerprint database of UK and the IAFIS called as USA Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification framework. The accompanying databases are speaks to the examination among proof and insight. It doesn't having proof however it will share powerful answer for computerized wrongdoings that has not uncover at the specific time frame that comparative access were join with the database. Measurable Tool Capabilities Measurable devices are utilized to deal with the customary examination of cases requires by dispatch a vas

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Big Questions and Small Scientists

Big Questions and Small Scientists I was five years old the first time someone accused me of witchcraft. I was taking a bath (not really sure why this detail sticks in mind) and it was close to Halloween: my birthday. My little sister poked her head in. Lisa: Anna, does being born on Halloween mean that youre a witch? Me [exhibiting how to irresponsibly wield ones older sibling powers]: Yes. Lisa: REALLY? Me: Yes. Lisa: Woah! The second time someone accused me of witchcraft, I was a sophomore in High School, tutoring a seven-year-old a short bus ride away. One day, while I was explaining how to add double-digit numbers, she interrupted to ask whether I was Hermione Granger, from Harry Potter. Flattered, I tried to imagine that it was because of my towering intellect and spirit, and not the combination of bushy brown hair and big front teeth. The third time was a little more peculiar. I was getting a tuberculosis skin test, which I needed in order to start volunteering at a local hospital. Nurse: Birth date? Me: 31 October, 1992. Nurse: WOAH! Youre a HALLOWEEN BABY! Me: yep. Nurse: I KNEW you looked like a witch! Me: .. The fourth time was a couple of weeks ago, at the elementary school where I volunteer on Tuesday afternoons. My partner and I were supposed to teach a group of kids (ages 6-8ish) about gases and liquids, using Alka Seltzer. I was disappointed by the first step in the lesson plan it said to drop the tablets in the water, and watch them fizz, which I thought would go down in history as The Most Boring Demonstration Ever. Fire is  cool. Rockets are cool. Kids dont want to see fizzing water. They can drink soda for that. Feeling a little guilty for bringing such a lame demonstration,  I filled up a film canister at the sink, and carried it over to the table. Silence fell as the tablet plopped into the water. The fizzing began, and so did the chaos. I thought someone had broken a leg, because the kids started  screaming.  They grabbed my arms, and screamed. They leaned into my ears, and screamed. They jumped up and down and grabbed each other and tried to climb on the table. They hollared and howled and flapped their arms, screaming:  ITS EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I glanced down. Foam bubbled feebly over the sides of the canister and formed a little puddle on the table. The kids continued to celebrate as though a rocket had been launched. ITS EXPLODING!!!!! I was stunned. One kid sidled up next to me, and gazed up in awe through big round glasses. Are you he began. Are youare you a wizard? Have you ever had a conversation with a child? If you havent, go find one. He or she will remind you how exciting the world can be, when youre curious about everything and can see the magic in fizzing Alka Seltzer. In High School, I tutored and babysat a second grader who told me that he was going to become king of the planet, so that he could force everyone to recycle. To encourage him do his math homework, we pretended that his pencil was a rocket and the pencil sharpener a refuelling station: when he did enough problems to run out of lead, he could navigate the pencil over to the sharpener, which I held high up in orbit. This kid also drew detailed diagrams of helicopters and told me that he was going to build robots a thousand kilometers wide. He had a beautiful imagination. On Sundays, I volunteer on a pediatrics floor for infants and toddlers (what I needed that TB skin test for.) I disinfect toys and deliver movies and games to rooms, but more than anything I love playing with the kids. These kids are not extraordinary. Whats extraordinary is that they manage to remain so ordinary. Ive seen a baby giggling and babbling (as babies do) with my pinky in a vice grip while being fed through a tube up her nose. Ive seen a girl toddle into the playroom, and sit down at the table to paint some flowers while connected to an enormous trolley of tubes and bags of liquid, which she wheeled in and parked next to her seat.  One little boy cooked me an eight-course meal at the plastic stove; when I asked for dessert, he handed me a toy shark, and explained that the shark ate some Reeses pieces, which were now in its stomach: by eating the shark I could eat the Reeses too. Another boy  grabbed my ID badge, and held it up to his ear, looking very serious. Hello? he said, into the ID badge. Hello? Yes. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Good bye. He hung up, and the ID-badge-phone flopped back against my chest. I had a fight with another kid over which of us was actually Iron Man. He won. These kids at the hospital manage to remain as sparkly and creative as those at the elementary school, and the little boy I used to tutor. They remain children: they still see the world as a place where Iron Man exists and Alka Seltzer is magic and ID badges are phones and pencils are rocket ships. Theyre sick and exhausted but they still want to get up and run around and play pretend and have adventures. I find that inspiring. Has a child ever asked you a question? If not, maybe youre unfamiliar with the fact that little kids ask wonderful questions that they, in Neil deGrasse Tysons words (quoted recently by Emad), are born scientists. The Cambridge Science Festival runs an annual Curiosity Challenge, which accepts submissions from children who have some questions about how the world works. A woman who helps organize the festival (an MIT alum!) showed me the results while I chatted with her about volunteering opportunities, and I knew from Page 1 that I had to have that book. She let me keep it. Pictures of some (of the many!) submissions are below I would post all of them, but Im pretty sure that would break the Internet. How does your brain use your eyebrows? How many cells are in a panda? I am curious about TVs. Are there little people inside when youre watching?   I wonder why junk food is made if it is unhealthy? Arent these magical?

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Inventive Writing Podcasts 131a and 131b

Mar 21 2018 Â   The blank page. It’s a formidable foe for young and old. Just looking at a blank page can be enough to increase the heart rate and make the palms sweat. Fortunately, IEW tackles the blank page and tames the terror. How, you may ask? IEW equips students to face the blank page with confidence by equipping them with tools and structures to use before they ever even encounter one. Rather than asking students to begin at the blank page like so many other writing prompt-based curriculum companies do, IEW empowers students by taking a gentler approach, initially supplying students with models. Teaching them from the very beginning in Unit 1, students learn how to create key word outlines by asking themselves questions. In the beginning those questions are simply which words to choose out of the sentence to help them best capture the idea. As students move through the various units, they begin to add complexity to their questions. After working through Units 1 and 2, students create key word outlines in Unit 3 by asking themselves questions about the story and outlining their answers according to a story sequencing structure. In Units 4 and 6, the students continue to ask themselves questions, but this time they are deciding which facts they find are the most interesting and important for the report they are writing. They must be selective. And in Unit 5 the students learn to ask themselves questions not about a written source, but rather about a supplied picture or series of pictures. All of these questions presented in the first six units build gradual layers of complexity, slowly equipping the student for the moment when he encounters Unit 7, Inventive Writing. By the time the student reaches this point, he has built up his questioning skills, and rather than applying them to a printed source, he applies them to his brain, seeking his inventory of knowledge to supply his needs for his writing assignment. Listen to Podcasts 131a and 131b to learn more about how to introduce Unit 7 to your students. In them Andrew describes the process and shows how it is a relaxed and natural approach to facing the blank page, without the stress and strain!